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Alcohol Relationship Transformation 

Your Life is the Canvas You Create. Become a Non-Drinking Masterpiece

Craft Compassion Coaching

As a coach I am going to work with you inside the comfort of your own environment. Together we work to change your habits and beliefs about alcohol. Coaching integrates and applies techniques based on your daily living routines, work life, and family.  
Coaches work in real time- in the NOW to help you build confident alcohol free muscles, skills, and thinking.
Coaching is your support beam in building your transformation pathway . 
If in this process if we find a need for additional tools, we work to find it 

I coach more like a teacher that holds you accountable for you making your alcohol transformation .  You learn about yourself. Clients are free to think and make their own choices by taking personal responsibility.

We work on creating a happier, healthier, Alcohol Free YOU!

4 Week A.R.T. Studio

12 Week A.R.T. Studio

6 Month Fine A.R.T


YOUR QUIT DRINKING RENAISSANCE IS now. Join the Alcohol Free Movement.

What is A.R.T?

Alcohol Relationship Transformation


Do you want a little extra private supported PROGRAM? 

We personalize your PATH with a core A.R.T. program.  A.R.T stands for Alcohol Relationship Transformation.  The program is designed to help people change their relationship with alcohol in a more compassionate way. We work to sculpt you into a clear minded individual that has the skills and ability to confidently control alcohol. Are you looking to moderate your drinking or become 100% alcohol free, the choice is yours? It is not about quitting alcohol it is about you getting control over alcohol.  We find what is important to you to get you where you want to be. 

Start learning about the science of alcohol through. Learn what alcohol does to your body and how you can start to change.  

It is not about if you were successful or not. We can build on your experiment. What is important is that you are here looking for another way.  Coaches help you find where you are on your journey.  It was because of my own personal struggle with alcohol that I became a coach. I know what if feels like being stuck in the alcohol cycle.  At one time in my life I didn't believe I would ever be able to quit drinking.  I changed and so can YOU! 
I saw a need for people to talk with someone privately. As a coach I am here to support people privately on their 
alcohol free journeys.  

One of the jobs as a coach is to hold you accountable and provide you with tactics to help get you through your alcohol cravings. Start to change your relationship with alcohol by changing your desires and begin into the self growth process. I hope to make reducing your alcohol intake not suck or unpleasant by making your alcohol transformation an enjoyable compassionate experience. I understand it is a difficult process a rocky road of getting control over alcohol. 
You do not have to have any artistic ability to join.  It is an open private space for you to talk about your relationship with alcohol. I am an alcohol life coach that is here to teach you tactics and hold you accountable. Coaches give you the extra little attention you need to stay on track. The beauty of personal coaching, we work together to find the best means to communicate with each other based around your own personal needs, wants, and schedule.

Create your own Quit Drinking Renaissance, an A.R.T. period of self rebirth/growth into a non- drinker.

Self Compassion. Self Control. Self Discovery. Self Expression. Self Care. Self Growth. Self Esteem.Self Agency. 


Make a change to your relationship to alcohol with private coaching with Coach Katie Pouch

  • PRIVATE TALK SPACE: open studio space to talk with a certified coach about your drinking pattern
  • ​​60 minute coaching sessions 
  • Personalized Private Alcohol Focused COACHING Experience 
  • VOXER Communication

5 Private Coaching Studio Sessions 

10 Private Coaching Studio Sessions 

Alcohol Relationship Transformation 30 Day Studio 

Take the beginning steps on to your Alcohol Free Journey. 
You begin painting the picture of how you see yourself living an alcohol free life. 
In this studio you learn basic terminology, apply tactics to sooth your cravings, and start creating your alcohol free life.  
Start connecting the color values to your life for self-growth on the other side of alcohol.  
  • ​Weekly one hour zoom call - 1 on 1 PRIVATE coaching calls- total of 4 calls 
  • ​The Alcohol Studio
  • ​Learn about the ART technique 
  • ​Worksheets to help you learn about your whys and desires.
  • ​All Alcohol content is quality information
  • ​Start building self compassion skills.
  • ​Tactics and additional resources.
  • ​Personal Journal Prompts 
  • ​You start on your own journey that is focused on, YOU!
  • ​You begin in creating your alcohol free live by finding where you stand with alcohol. 
  • ​Have a coach hold you accountable for your drinking.
  • ​You choose 1 - A.R.T. experience (30 day) to follow daily.

12 Week Alcohol Relationship Transformation Studio

 This program gives you time and space to work on creating your alcohol free life that you want to create.  A three month program deep dive into your alcohol beliefs. You will get personal coaching along the way on the program. A coach will keep you focused and hold you accountable on your journey. The journey is process. You move through the four different stages of the path with a personalize coach to grow more efficiently and makes sure you are staying on course. A coach will answers your personal questions about the course content in a private dedicated space for you. A coach helps to get you on more solid confident ground on to your path. Stay focused. A coach can help make things not so overwhelming and more on task that fit to your personal needs. 
Getting a coaching will help you advance further on your journey! 
  • The program will last for 12 weeks.
  • ​Weekly one hour zoom call- 1 on 1 PRIVATE Coaching Calls- total of 12 coaching calls 
  • ​Work with a coach to help you with your data points (drinking) We PAUSE together. 
  • ​Have a coach help you find your alcohol beliefs and change how you think about those beliefs.
  • ​Work with a coach with ART Technique. 
  • ​​Worksheets to help you learn about your whys and desires.
  • ​​​Daily Journal Prompts 
  • ​Tactics and additional resources that can help you get over alcohol. 
  • You explore more into the  A.R.T. Experiences in addition to the alcohol content.

Six Month Fine A.R.T. Studio
Alcohol Relationship Transformation 

 Are you painting your picture of your future self? Your true person?
Want to do more work on your work in A.R.T? on YOU!
CONTINUE into the Fine A.R.T. program. Where you begin to strengthen and focus on creating, designing your Alcohol Free life. 
 If you enjoyed the 30 or 90 day program I will extend my services so you can, LEVEL UP. 
Take the next steps into fine tuning you alcohol free skills. 
I am offering this program because I was constantly worried about finding a program every month. With these level up studio programs you do not have to worry about what your next program is or how you can get through to a year. 
I provide stability in your A.R.T. and an opportunity for continuous self growth. 
We evaluate your progress and where you want to go.
It is about progress, not a race, or a fast cure, It takes time. Start to create many new AF Experiences.
Fine tune and hone your ALCOHOL FREE skills.
  •  Weekly one hour - 1 on 1 coaching calls- that is 24 weekly calls 
  • ​Work on fine tuning your alcohol free muscles
  • ​Alcohol, Self Compassion and Self Esteem building activities
  • ​Create a confident non-drinker 
  • ​Increase your Creativity 
  • ​A.R.T. Experiences - bigger projects! Hone your crafting skills.
  • Access to the entire ​A.R.T. Experience Membership Area in addition to the alcohol content.
  • ​You do one Art History and Alcohol Assignment (optional)

A Full YEAR...Total Renaissance non-drinker STATUS!

Are you motivated to apply for the year long Master Piece A.R.T. Studio?
Ready to level up your non-drinking status? 
This is the ultimate transformation opportunity to level up your status to a non-drinker. 
Here you find stability. Build solid alcohol free skills and create complete confidence in your ability of not drinking.  
It is your rebirth into society as a non drinker. You work  on your own personal growth on a full year working through data points and a full calendar year of birthdays, holidays. 
If you enjoyed the 30 or 90 day program I will extend A.R.T. up to a year with the Masterpiece Studio.  Get where you want to go! 
Take a whole year of putting your finishing touching in creating you own life's painting. 
You are the A.R.T. Masterpiece. 
  • MASTER:  Achieve non-drinker status and Hone your non-drinking lifestyle. 
  • MASTER: Self Compassion - it become natural and easy. 
  • ​MASTER:  ART Experiences and you create a solid new identity as a hobbyist.
  • ​MASTER: Your emotions and creativity. 
  • ​MASTER: All the holidays, birthdays, through a whole calendar year. 
  • ​Total access to the A.R.T. Experience Membership in addition to Alcohol focused content. 

Ask Me about the Application Process to get into the MASTERPIECE Studio Program!

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 Work with AN ALCOHOL TRANSFORMATION COACH to get on your personal journey!

Coach Katie Pouch

Alcohol Boss, LLC

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